Cute little fellow

Baby birds doing fine

Our Panier nest has been a pretty good location, except for our constant coming and going out to the ute, into the shed, and around the garden.

New Holland Honeyeater eggs

Bird nest in an odd place

So I hung up my bike paniers in our carport a while ago because they had got a bit damp in the basement. Recently, Paul noticed a little critter making a nest in one of them. A New Holland Honeyeater. Today there are two marvelous little eggs with little birds growing inside.

Mother Kangaroo with Joey in Pouch

Spring in the garden

I was out wandering around the garden this afternoon when I happened across this mother and her little joey–who is a bit small yet to come out of the pouch, but is seriously thinking about it! Another older joey was close by with its mum–having lots of exploratory jumps to try out those new, gangly legs. The garden…

Critters of Meelup Hill

We have a lot of wildlife on our 3 acres, most of it welcome most of the time. Exceptions include when the kangaroos break into our vegetable enclosure and eat all the corn and make big holes in the anti-bird netting getting in and out, when parrots snap off all the newly formed roses just…