About this blog

Australia is referred to as the “lucky country” based on its beautiful weather, its unique history and the relaxed lifestyles of the people.

Well, I think I’m the “lucky one” to be living here. As a Canadian born and bred for my first 22 years, I am constantly amazed at the outdoor-focused lifestyle here in Western Australia; the year-round gardening to produce an abundance of flowers and vegetables in any given month, coffee and a chat while sitting outdoors at the local cafes in the crisp winter morning air, cycling 50 km in winter while enjoying the sites of lambs and calves frolicking in the paddocks, spotting a rare orchid among a sea of wild flowers during a hike in the bush, watching the waves crash on the shores during a hike on a fantastic stormy day…it’s a very rare day where a person can’t get outside to enjoy at least a few minutes of sunshine.

Outdoor activities abound, with fishing, diving, surfing, sailing, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, camping, caving and climbing to occupy every weekend and sunny afternoon. And if you’d just like to sit around on our back deck, you can watch kangaroos wander by a few meters away, look at what’s blooming in the garden, and watch and listen to the incredible bird life that wakes us up well before dawn everyday. I’ll even serve up some of my baking…it seems to be pretty popular down here!

I’ve started this blog to share my favourite things about my local area and my life, and to connect with all the family and friends I don’t see near often enough. The themes I’ve chosen I think represent the lifestyle in this beautiful corner of the world: coffee (it’s a really important part of the culture here–no brewed coffee in sight, sorry Tim Hortons–only Barista-made cappuccinos, flat whites, macchiatos and soy lattes; cake (as not only do I love to bake, but there are two large bakeries in a town with a population of just under 3200…so clearly baked goods are a pivotal part of culture) and finally kangaroos (they’re ever-present guests on our property along with countless other amazing critters, and pausing to watch them for a while is better than meditating).

But I don’t plan to stick to only those topics…there’s so much more to reveal…for example, I haven’t even touched on the boutique wine produced here, or that which makes any place you live great–the people.

Because I love it here, I hope to share that passion and love with my family and friends because I know a lot of them would like to visit us here, but can’t afford the time or money for such a journey. But hopefully one day you will all come and see why it is called the lucky country.

By Rhonda Oshanek


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