Happy 2015

So here we are cruising rather quickly through January! I hope that everyone had a wonderful end to 2014 and start to 2015!

It feels like it was just the beginning of November and I had all of this time up my sleeve to get ready for the holidays. Now that they’ve come and gone, I reflect back and see that despite my best intentions, I yet again left the Christmas decorations in their boxes upstairs and never did get to making any of my valued family traditions such as shortbread cookies, perogies, mulled wine and pumpkin pie. The pumpkin is still sitting on the bench staring at me every time I walk in the kitchen.

Every year I fall short at Christmas. But I manage to tee up my excuses:

  • It’s summer here in Australia, and the garden is begging for a lot of attention (watering, planting, harvesting and processing all of the goodies).
  • Summer heat means there is less incentive to bake and pump heat out of the oven and into the house.
  • Summer is a time for getting outside more, going to friends’ houses for BBQs and having a few more leisurely minutes outside sitting in the garden with a cool beverage in hand.
  • Summer is supposed to be a care-free, lazy, relaxing time rather than panicked present-buying and menu-planning chaos.

I have to say though, that Christmas in summer is delightfully unique.

The sounds of Christmas are now cicadas whirring and buzzing rather than jingle bells and Christmas carols and snow shovels scraping on sidewalks.

The smells of Christmas are now BBQs fired up grilling steaks and sausages rather than crisp, cold snow-filled air.

The sights of Christmas are now sun, sand, shorts and t-shirts and boats buzzing along in the bay instead of puffy jackets, toques, scarves, gloves and people running their cars for 15 minutes to warm the engines up.

Someone said that it’s my sixth summer/Christmas so I should be used to it by now. But I’m not. My brain refuses to accept that I should be cooking a huge meal when it is +35C outside. I keep failing to get into the spirit of it all.

So instead of fighting my unchanging brain, perhaps in order to embrace the holidays I should try for a Christmas in July. Decorate the house, make shortbread and pumpkin pie, roast up a big turkey and ham…and invite all the friends and in-laws over for a feast while the fireplace is roaring in the living room.

Maybe I’ll give that a whirl on July 25 2015 and who knows, I may just kick off a new tradition.


5 thoughts on “Happy 2015

  1. Thank you for that description of summery Christmas. I’ve often wondered. Christmas in July sounds like fun. Why not? It fits with the idea of celebrating the return of the light. I do like the way you found Christmas-like decorations in your surrounding nature. Happy 2015.

    • Thanks Jim! I trust you had a lovely Christmas and New Year as well! I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog. What a wonderful year all of you had in your garden! I look forward to the visual feast of 2015’s blooms! All the best to you!

  2. The july tradition sounds like a grand idea. I read somewhere that they have calculated that JC was born in March anyway if one were planning for the date of the original purpose of Christmas. It was cold here at Christmas, but we had a decided lack of snow as well.

    Beautiful photos. Where is that photo taken of that stunning beach? Happy NY to you and Paul. Has he healed yet?

    • Hi Robyn! Thanks, happy new year to you two, too! That is a beach near Esperance on the south coast. Recycled a previous photo from our kayaking adventure last year. Paul is healing well, but has 2 more weeks with the splint on, then who knows? Will still take a while to heal. Talk to you soon!

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