July flowers

Surprisingly, I’ve come full circle on this blog. I started with August flowers and now nearly a year has (suddenly) passed and as I look around the garden I see loads of changes from one year ago. Plants we’ve added, plants we’ve pulled out, plants that have given up the ghost, but mostly plants that have grown! I’ve been a pretty active cheerleader, but also given a lot of tough love…after all, the plants have to grow up and stand on their own at some stage…

So I’m thinking about what to do next on the blog. Maybe a weekly “most beautiful” or “most interesting” in the garden? But here is the last in the series “flowers in the garden by month”. I’m still amazed that this is the middle of winter!

And a few of the edible plants/trees are starting to flower! Lime, nasturtium, blueberry and apricot.

And a couple of random nuts from trees because I think they’re cool…

Ficofolia nut Ficofolia nut


By Rhonda Oshanek


4 thoughts on “July flowers

  1. These photos popped onto my screen like a burst of spring. It’s scary how the fruit trees will soon have fruit; how time flies when one is having fun! They’re happy. Cheers.

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