Holiday Greetings from Paul and Rhonda

Well, 2020 was definitely not the year anyone had envisioned. Shortly after we arrived back home from our Japan ski and snowboard trip, the world went sideways. We found ourselves hunkering down in Dunsborough, and at one point were unable to travel outside of our region. We were allowed to exercise with members of our…

Konichiwa Japan

We are back in Japan on a ski holiday again. It is as good as we remembered! Back in Nozawa Onsen. These are the Dosojin, a folk deity believed to ward off danger near villages and crossroads. They are also worshipped for bringing fertility and the growth of children. There is a fire festival dedicated…

New Holland Honeyeater eggs

Bird nest in an odd place

So I hung up my bike paniers in our carport a while ago because they had got a bit damp in the basement. Recently, Paul noticed a little critter making a nest in one of them. A New Holland Honeyeater. Today there are two marvelous little eggs with little birds growing inside.